Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PraY 4 gaza

thankful we be given allah peace in malaysia life on earth is this??,

and was not placed us to feel rain bullets on earth GAZA??? ..
please wake up ...wake up  duhai anak anak adam

O Muslim brothers, Learn Islam, Teach Islam to your kids . Be united under the flag of Islam . You see today Gaza is under attack and No Muslim country came to
defend them. If you keep continue to be busy with worldly matters & run after money, luxury & fun forgetting Islam, One day You may come under attack and the rest of the Muslim world will see without doing anything. And You will be helpless just like the Gazans today. Islam promotes Peace & defend peace too . Still You have time. without delay make tawba, come to the straight way ; Islam will show you the best & right way for you & for your family.

The body of a female child Palestine 70% destroyed in a missile
gun Laknatullah Zionist Jewish son .... Her body was already almost the same as free burger meat being fed to the people of Malaysia a few days ago ....

Thanks to the support of Jewish eaters Laknatullah product ... This is your Service to your friend in Palestine ...
Al-Fatiha For late ...
O Allah, rescue them.
Keep us from this world Defamation.

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